Media Center Specialist, Designated ICoach

August 23, 2019

Grace Hammond, Media Ceter Specialist at the Delaware Area Career Center, has earned certification as an ICoach from INFOhio, Ohio’s PreK-12 Digital Library optimized by the Management Council. The certification requires 15 hours of group training and individual study, which was completed on her own time during the summer in preparation for the new school year.

ICoaches, short for “integration coaches,” lead teachers through training that incorporates INFOhio digital content and research web tools in their classrooms. Ms. Hammond joins 340 other educators around Ohio who have received exclusive District/Building ICoach certification.

“ICoaches help fellow educators integrate INFOhio’s free resources and services,” said INFOhio’s Director Theresa M. Fredericka. “First-hand experience with the demands classroom educators face makes ICoaches experts in matching educational technologies with high quality INFOhio tools and resources. And they are eager to share what they know!”

Ms Hammond will be conducting several train the trainer sessions with DACC’s own instructors, as well as making herself available to consult with other school districts as a regional representative.

“With this training and designation, I can help our students customize how they utilize our media center,” explained Hammond. “When they come to the media center to work on end-of-the-year capstone projects, we can target databases from different industries. Having access to professional journals and industry publications will provide a deeper level of learning and it will be one more way we connect our students to their industry.”

INFOhio is Ohio’s PreK-12 digital library with a vision that each Ohio PreK-12 student has equal access to high quality digital resources for a successful education and future. INFOhio transforms student learning by licensing a collection of instructional content—selected to support Ohio’s Learning Standards—and making it easily accessible to all Ohio PreK-12 students, their parents, and teachers from any Internet-connected device—at no cost to Ohio's schools. INFOhio is optimized by the Management Council, which represents and supports the collaborative efforts of Ohio’s Information Technology Centers. Visit INFOhio at