Local Veterans Honored at BV Middle School Ceremony

November 13, 2014

Buckeye Valley Middle School students know how to make a guest feel welcome. On November 13th, Tina Francis’ DACC/BVMS students welcomed servicemen and women from all branches of the military for a Veterans Day Ceremony to honor their commitment and sacrifices for our country.


First, each veteran was greeted at the door with a rose and a thank you. This small gesture was soon followed by a five minute standing ovation from the entire school as each veteran entered the gymnasium and prepared for the start of the program.

Richard Swisher particularly appreciated the young women who sang the national anthem in its original form with no embellishments. As a trained serviceman, he was not permitted to look away from the flag to see them sing, so through an emotion-filled voice, Mrs. Swisher requested to be able to meet each girl and shake their hands.


The room was filled with mutual appreciation. The servicemen and women were thankful to be honored for an often thankless job. The staff and students did everything they could to express a gratitude that words cannot convey.

With only one World War II veteran amongst them, Mrs. Francis encouraged students to take advantage of this opportunity to talk to today’s visitors, ask questions, and learn as much as possible.


The Buckeye Valley Middle School choir honored each branch of the military with a patriotic melody and the band closed the ceremony by playing Taps.

Afterwards, lunch was provided to these honored guests before they split up to speak with individual classes. While they were eating, they were treated to one last surprise – unprompted and heartfelt essays written and read by Abbie Halderman and Dairyen Best.


To all of our servicemen and women, know that the applause, tears, and gratitude are for you, too.