Five Hospitality students win 1st & 2nd at FCCLA State Competition

April 20, 2011

Five Hospitality students just placed 1st and 2nd in last weekend’s FCCLA state competition. Gold medals are awarded to all students who score a 90% or higher. More photos of the students and their competition tables can be found on our Flickr page.

Hospitality FCCLA State Competition



The winning students are:

Creative Banquet Table Design
Tony Ritchie – 1st place and gold medal
Brooke Wildrick and Lucas Kwarteng – 2nd place and gold medal

Hotel Linen Operations
AJ (Anthony) Monahan & Matt Waldron – gold medal


In order to compete, students must follow the below guidelines:

Creative Banquet Table Design - Students compete individually or in teams of 2 to design a buffet table.  Students are to choose a theme, decorate a 6' table for $25 or less, plan the menu and set up the table for an actual buffet (minus the actual food) within a set amount of time.  Students may be asked up to 20 industry related questions on subjects such as safety & sanitation, cross contamination, flow, symmetry, individual tables, etc.  Students also give a sales presentation for their table.  Judges are industry related (hotel personnel, GM, etc.)
Hotel Linen Operations - Students work in pairs to fold 70 pieces of hotel linen within a set amount of time. Hotel linens include: wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath mats, full/flat sheets, pillow cases and fitted sheets. Students also complete a hotel inventory, including figuring out the amount of linen ordered for these 7 types of hotel linens, using par (the amt. of linen a hotel uses over a 24hr time period) as well as an inventory count for a housekeeper's cart.  The last component is to answer up to 20 industry-related questions on topics such as MSDS, RSI, Sanitation, etc. Judges are industry related as well.

Congratulations to all of you on your hard work!

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