ECE Student Takes 1st Place at State Competition

April 30, 2012

Four Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) Early Childhood Education Students recently competed at the statewide Family, Career and Community Leaders of America competition. All four students placed in the top ten rankings and Rebekah Walker claimed first place.

To compete, each student picked a curriculum theme and created activities to teach social studies, science, math, or English and language arts. One activity was required to be adaptable for a student with special needs, a student of a specific age, or a student that is hearing impaired. After working with preschool students through the Early Childhood Education program at DACC, Rebekah chose to develop a program around using penguins to keep the children’s attention. According to the Early Childhood Education Instructor, Carol Fuller, “They don’t give out perfect scores because there is always room for improvement, but the judges really had to look hard to find a way to remove a point from Rebekah. In the end, she was marked down for saying ‘um’. The project she created and her presentation couldn’t have been better.”

Yerry Kitchen, Twylia Cook, Tiffani Penhorwood, and Ashley Randolph all placed in the top ten. Yerry chose a picnic theme. She said that the idea came to her from reading books to the preschool students in the Early Childhood Education program. Twylia chose to focus on English/language arts and utilized the book, “How to Teach a Slug to Read.” She spent a great deal of time looking for a unique book that students were not likely to already know, but would also provide the chance to create a lot of fun activities. Ashley focused on social studies and used an “under the sea” theme. Ashley shared that, “Social studies is difficult to explain to children, so I created scenarios using sea creatures, such as dolphins, to engage them in dialogue and help the dolphin make the right choices. Then I can assess them on how quickly they learn what is a right and wrong choice.”

Mrs. Fuller was impressed with how well everyone did in this competition, stating that there were only three points between eighth place and first. She went on to say, “I expected them to do well because they go through a very rigorous process in this program before they make it to the state competition. These girls love what they do and that’s a requirement for really succeeding when you work with small children and build curriculum for them. I’m impressed that these girls were willing to take on a challenge. Ashley’s choice of social studies was brave since it is difficult to convey the concept to kids. Twylia is severely hearing impaired, coming to us from the Ohio School for the Deaf, so her choice of English/language arts just shows how hard she is willing to work. None of these girls took the easy route and for that, I am very proud.”

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