Digital Design Mock Interviews

April 16, 2020
Our teachers & students have adapted to remote learning in some unique ways. At this time of year, Digital Design students would normally be welcoming industry professionals into our building to conduct mock interviews. The soft skills gained by doing this are invaluable & stay with our students forever. Working & learning remotely did not stop Mr. Gallagan & Mr. Rowland from giving their students this experience.
Thanks to professionals at McGraw-Hill, 46 seniors are participating in virtual mock interviews this week. With so many companies becoming more comfortable conducting interviews remotely, our students will not only be more comfortable in interviews, they will have had experience interviewing in this new environment.
This helps our students prepare for a real interview. According to Digital Design Instructor, Mr. Gallagan, "In previous years, we have always done this face to face.  We know that many first interviews in the real world are done remotely, so we are excited to do this over video conference so our students can gain that experience."