Delaware County Farm Bureau Welcomes New Ag Instructors

August 29, 2014

Earlier this month, the Delaware County Farm Bureau made sure that DACC’s new Agriculture Instructors were welcomed to the county with open arms. DACC/Buckeye Valley Ag Instructor, Alex Zimmer and DACC/Big Walnut Ag Instructor, Jeff Stimmell were the guests of honor at a meet and greet event held at the Delaware Area Career Center.

Local Farmer, Earl Lehner, shared that he and others at the Farm Bureau felt that it is important for these new teachers to know how critical their roles are and what resources are available to them. “If they want to put together a dairy team, put together a lesson on forestry, or study food science, we can connect them with the right people within the agriculture industry to help them. They’re not in this alone – we’re here to help them.”

Mr. Lehner’s hopes for the students in these programs is not just that they will work in the farming industry. According to Mr. Lehner, running a farm becomes more challenging every year and farmers rely on professionals in every industry to understand his business. He went on to explain that if these students become engineers, they may need to work on the high tech farming equipment; if they become bankers, they may need to advise local farmers on how and when to invest or purchase new equipment; if they become physicians, they need to understand the physical demands put on anyone who runs or works on a farm.

We certainly appreciate the support they have offered Mr. Zimmer and Mr. Stimmel and we look forward to working with the Farm Bureau in the future.