DACC/Demspey Middle School Students Stitch Sleeping Bags for the Homeless

February 20, 2012

 DACC/Dempsey Middle School students in Nicki Wright’s class recently led a building-wide service project with SHARE to stitch together sleeping bags for the homeless of Ohio. Many of these bags will be taken to Columbus shelters and be gone within a week due to the overwhelming amount of homeless men and women in need of something warm to sleep in during these cold months. IMG_7201














Walking into Ms. Wright’s room, there is a buzz of activity and everyone has a job. Omar is threading needles so that they’re ready for his classmates to use. Across the room, multiple tables are set up where students are split into groups to stitch the bags. IMG_7200







IMG_7196 Zena, Chace, Jacob, Angyl, and Sara were working on the 20th blanket that this class has made. Chace said, “I don’t really like to sew, but I feel like we’re doing a good thing.”

Donations are being accepted as well. Clean, used blankets and men's neckties are needed to make the sleeping bags. Ms. Immel makes hygiene kits for the homeless which includes: soap, baby wipes, qtips, combs, new socks, shampoo, and deodorant.

Donna Immel is the Founder of SHARE in Delaware. More information about how you can donate time and resources is available on her web site at www.shareyourbest.us.