DACC Students Take 2nd Place at Regional Envirothon

May 30, 2013

Earlier this spring, Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) students claimed second place at the annual Area Envirothon. They will move on to compete at the statewide level in June.

The Envirothon is designed to stimulate, reinforce and enhance interest in the environment and natural resources among high school students. The competition tests students' knowledge of soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatic ecology and current environmental issues. In addition, the Envirothon encourages cooperative decision-making and team building. While each student on an Envirothon team is challenged to contribute his or her personal best, the score that counts at the end of an Envirothon is the team score.

The DACC team consisted of Westyn Bennington, Ethan Smith, Katy Perry, Abigail Spiers, and Makayla Cimini. Each student focused on a specific area of the competition such as soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics, and public speaking. As Makayla explained, “We’ve all studied these topics in class, so we’re not expecting any one team member to be an expert on a specific topic. We all contribute and jump in if we know the answer.”

The theme at the statewide competition last year was Sustainability and students designed sustainable cabins. This year, the theme will be Grassland and Rangeland Management. Westyn is anticipating that they may be asked to design a park, but will show up prepared for whatever is thrown at him.

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