DACC students & staff honor retired employees

February 27, 2011

On February 26th, DACC students and staff honored retired teachers and staff with a Valentine’s Day Luncheon. The idea to honor former staff was proposed by two Teacher Academy students, Brittany Hauser and Calin Kelley. Brittany and Calin are part of a new DACC Student Voice group, a group formed by Betty Kimball to allow current students to research and suggest improvements for existing functions or suggest new events altogether. In essence, the Student Voice Group gives students a voice when it comes to what goes on in their school. The Teacher Appreciation Luncheon is the first event that the Student Voice Group has hosted.

On the day of the luncheon, ten retired staff members and two spouses attended and were treated to a an Italian lunch, photos of the school and students from years past alongside photos of today’s students, and a tour of the south campus. To top off the afternoon, the retired staff were given handwritten notes from current staff with sentiments of gratitude and fond memories of working together.

Retired staff reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the day and were so pleased that they have been remembered so fondly. DACC students and staff did a great job of demonstrating to the retired staff that they have made a difference at DACC and that their contributions will forever be appreciated. The retired staff is quite anxious to return next year, for an appreciation luncheon at DACC’s north campus.