DACC Students & Staff Honor Black History Month

February 26, 2013

In honor of Black History Month, members of our military visited DACC students and presented, “For Love of Liberty, The Story of America’s Black Patriots.” The presentation was a salute to the patriotic dedication of black soldiers, dating as far back as the Revolutionary War. Many of these soldiers were fighting for freedoms that were not yet made available to them.


The representatives who spoke to our students left them with two messages:

  1. Every branch of the military is equal opportunity and that is something to celebrate.
  2. There are over 150 career opportunities in the military. So as DACC students look to their future, no matter what their career path is, there is a need for their skills in the military.

The Delaware Area Career Center would like to thank Staff Sergeant Tauteroff, Staff Sergeant Holey, Sergeant O’Brien, and Private Stover for taking the time to visit with our students and for their service to our country.