DACC Staff and Students Collect 980 Pounds in Food Donations for PIN

November 1, 2011

PIN Food Drive

Congratulations to both north and south campuses for last week’s food drive to help Delaware’s People In Need (PIN). PIN was on a mission to collect food and monetary donations in order to help local families in time for Thanksgiving. Our staff and students came through with 1,135 cans/boxes of food that equaled 980 pounds of food (one-half of a ton!) and $50. These donations will be matched by DACC Superintendent, Mary Beth Freeman.
PIN Food Drive
This is just a warm-up for the annual food drive from November 28th – December 2nd. Through last year’s Food Fight and Penny Wars, DACC collected 11,000 cans/boxes and $600 in cash. With that kind of collection, who wouldn’t need a warm up to get started?

Nice work DACC staff and students!