DACC Offers Self Defense Against Criminal Attack Class

March 7, 2013

There aren’t many high school students who wouldn’t love to hurl a textbook across the room. Over the last few weeks, it’s been the teachers throwing these textbooks as part of a “Self Defense Against Criminal Attack for School Employees” class that is being offered to Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) staff members. 

Schools everywhere are reexamining their safety measures and DACC is no different. In addition to implementing changes in processes and adding security to the buildings, DACC is empowering staff members by teaching them how to react in extreme situations.

The class began with an overview of research done on recent school attacks and the social violence phenomenon, including the psychology of perpetrators. Students then learned basic self defense stances and how to manage contacts with suspicious individuals. They practiced partner drills where they learned to block strikes and counter with defensive techniques, and to defend against arm grabs, choke holds, and individuals armed with guns and knives. The approach taught for dealing with an assailant involves disrupting their thought process, which includes throwing objects and fighting back. Students practiced optimizing the physical layout of the school for defensive purposes and learned how to use common, readily available items to protect themselves.

Teri Meider is the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent. Even though she does not have direct contact with students on a daily basis, she found the class to be valuable. “We learn and practice drills in the event that we have a fire or tornado, so it only makes sense that we know how to react if someone comes into the school with a gun or a knife.”

The four hour seminar was developed by DACC Instructor, Wayne Strunk, to give staff members self defense strategies to use in the event of an attack so that they can protect themselves and students.  Strunk, a defensive tactics instructor and former police officer, said that the focus of this course is to prepare school employees for dealing with a surprise attacker, possibly armed with a weapon.

This was a very active class so everyone got a good workout as well as learning some life-saving information. Strunk said that he was pleased to provide information that staff members could use to stay safe at school as well as in their personal lives. Due to the popularity of this class, DACC will be repeating this seminar to train additional staff members. In addition, a similar self defense class will be made available to the community starting in April. Community members can sign up for the class on the Self Defense Against Criminal Attack page or by calling the Adult Education Department at (740) 201-3222.