DACC Landscape Team Places 7th in State of Ohio

February 8, 2012

On January 19th, a team of junior and senior Delaware Area Career Center Landscape and Turf Management students competed in an on-line Ohio FFA Nursery and Landscape exam and the team placed 7th overall in the state of Ohio.

In preparing for the contest, the students had to learn the common and scientific (Latin) name and be able to identify 125 different deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, as well as annuals and perennials.  They also had to identify weeds, insects and pests, as well as diseases and disorders of trees, shrubs, and turf, and over 40 different types of supplies and equipment related to the landscape industry.

The second phase of the competition was held at the Columbus Convention Center on January 25th where the students placed 11th overall in the state of Ohio. Erin Lockwood’s personal score earned her 7th place and Brad Krueger placed in the top 50.

This phase of the competition required that the students identify 200 different plants, weeds, diseases, insects, and equipment. Afterwards, they participated in 3 problem solving activities which include interpreting a landscape design, interpreting a grass seed label, and irrigation identification and function.

According to DACC’s Landscape and Turf Management Instructor, Gary Kessler, “This is a very difficult contest and there was a lot of competition. There were 37 schools and over 300 students competing.  All of the landscape students worked extremely hard both in class as well as on their own.”

The top four students from the DACC team will be going on to compete in the Finals at Tolles Career and Technical Center in March. These students are Erin Lockwood, Brandi Rohr, Brad Krueger, Kyle Wharton, and Logan Bailey as an alternate. In this stage of the competition, the best students from the best teams around the state will be tested on skid loader operation, brick patio installation, grading, drainage, and plant layout.

The entire Landscape team was made up of:
Erin Lockwood, Olentangy Liberty
Race Phillips, Westerville South
Brandi Rohr, Buckeye Valley
Logan Bailey, Westerville Central
Joe Scheiderich, Westerville South
Brad Krueger, Buckeye Valley
Kyle Wharton, Big Walnut
Clyde Milum, Olentangy
Jake Norman, Buckeye Valley