DACC Dempsey Students Give Back to Delaware

October 18, 2011

DACC’s Dempsey Middle School CBI class, taught by Nicki Wright, recently participated in a true 21st Century learning activity with Habitat for Humanity and Youth United. Afterwards, we received the below wonderful message from Mrs. Wright. In the photo to the left, from left to right are:

First Row
Second Row

Many of you know that today I took seven CBI students to the RAISING THE WALLS Habitat for Humanity-Youth United Ceremony on Liberty Street. I just need to brag....

Thanks to colleague Lisa Lawrence, I was introduced to the Youth United new director for Habitat, Gabe Quick. In speaking with Gabe and telling him about my class he asked me if the students would be interested in designing and painting the sign which would be placed in front of the new YU building being constructed on Liberty Street. The students were excited to take this opportunity to show their skills and do a service (I think they just saw it as a chance to get out of one of my lectures) so of course they said YES!

Designing and painting got started and below you will see the photo of the end result. This sign was given to Habitat today at the special ceremony. I chose four of my students to write a piece which could be read during the event. What they created, well, I was so proud - proud of them for pouring their hearts into something we have only begun to support and understand. Attached you can read what was written. When these were read today, there was not a dry eye in the garage where we gathered. Some of my students were even approached by Board Members of Habitat and the CEO of Kroger Distribution asking for copies of these writings...and their autographs!

While today was not about my students, they quickly became the center of attention b/c of their desire to do good for the community and represent Delaware City Schools in this way. They needed this good experience, because not many of them get opportunities like this. But I truly feel that for many, this is the just the beginning of them 'giving back' to others for the rest of their lives. How is THAT for 21st Century Skills?!

My class will be involved a lot this year with Youth United, raising money to support the Habitat home being constructed right now. This home will be given to a family who has children going to Delaware City Schools and my students will have a hand in that. HOW NEAT??!!! They were humbled as they met the mother who will own this home and who has already put in hours and hours of sweat equity in the construction of her home! What an example to my kids!

If you have these students in classes, please say a little something to them or ask them about their experience that day.

Thank you for the support you give to my kids. I say this a lot, but I mean it....YOU ALL help make this program a success! THANK YOU!