Cosmetology Students Take State Board Exams

May 10, 2011

Congratulations to our senior Cosmetology students! They recently took their State Board Licensure Exam and did an amazing job. 100% of them passed the written portion and 99% passed the performance portion.

Highest theory / written exam grade was a 97% - highest DACC score for written exam to date.
Highest performance exam grade was 96% -highest DACC score for performance exam to date.

Not only did these students spend weeks, if not months, preparing for this very important exam, the exam itself was an all-day, grueling event. According to Cosmetology Instructor, Mrs. Ames, “I am very proud of our students’ accomplishments and the way they conducted themselves. They were all on their best behavior, polite, and respectful. After a long emotional day, almost everyone broke down into tears of relief and joy, including 4 of the Mom's that were there with us all day and me!!!”

After passing this exam, these students are on their way to being employed at professional salons in the area. The students who participated are:
Maysa Beitshawish
Stormy Berry
Angel Burwell
Mary Katherine Clegg
Stephanie Hay
Sarah Henson
Kaylia Huston
Emily Johnson
Lacey Lambert
Lauren Miles
Michael Minic
Chelsea Morris
Penelope Nunez
Kailee Reed
Ariel Sansone
Sara Wood

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