Congratulations to Teen of the Week, Westyn Bennington

January 14, 2013

Congratulations to Westyn Bennington for being named the Delaware Gazette's Teen of the Week. Westyn is a senior who comes to us from Buckeye Valley High School and attends DACC's Environmental Technology class. We are very proud to have Westyn as a student at DACC and also as a Student Ambassador.

The full article can be found by reading the PDF to the left. Here are some great quotes:

Paul Grimes, the environmental technologies instructor at DACC, sees a bright future for Westyn. “Wow, what to say? There is so much. I have not met a person that after meeting and speaking with Westyn has not said what a ‘nice young man. He is going places.’” Grimes went on. “Westyn is one of those students who you get the privilege of having in class once or twice in your teaching career. He is articulate, loves to learn, is compassionate to his classmates, honest and is a deep thinker, but he will also grab a chainsaw or shovel and get his hands dirty. He is also a phenom on the guitar. I’m not sure when he is older whether he will be a top engineer with a doctorate degree or changing the world with his guitar, most likely both. Either way, I want his autograph so I can tell people I knew him and had him in my class. He is going to be something special.”

“Westyn has a casual style all his own, an unassuming, genuine personality, and a scholar’s curiosity. He has the intellectual heft to conduct meaningful field research and pursue a career that will make a noticeable impact. I’ve also heard him play some nifty guitar licks, to boot… an emerging ‘Renaissance man,’” said Buckeye Valley English teacher Zac Landefeld. “My bet: His next few years will be intriguing in the best possible way. He’s a student about whom I can confidently say, ‘He’s going to be fine no matter what roads he travels.’”