Congratulations to our SkillsUSA National Champions!

July 14, 2014

Brooke Mack, Kendall Dorsey, and Tyler Thomas did not know each other at the beginning of the school year. By July, though, they had spent countless hours together and travelled to Kansans City, Missouri to compete and claim the title of National Champions at the National SkillsUSA competition in the Chapter Display category.

As students at the Delaware Area Career Center, Brooke, Kendall, and Tyler participate in the SkillsUSA organization, which helps students prepare to be skilled and effective in their industry. Members of SkillsUSA compete against each other at the local, state, and national levels. More than 5,000 students competed at this year’s SkillsUSA competition in over 94 occupational and leadership skills areas.

The Chapter Display Competition that Brooke, Kendall, and Tyler competed in requires that students come together from three different classes to create a structure that represents the true meaning of SkillsUSA. This year’s structure was a product of the Delaware Area Career Center’s Career Graphics, Welding, and Automotive Collision students.

The base of their 4’x4’x8’ structure, was a large metal piece welded into the shape of Ohio. The students used a plasma cutter to create the emblem, flag, and silhouettes, which represent people at work in various industries. Two iPads, mounted to the top of the structure play music and showcase photos of all of the Delaware Area Career Center programs.

While these three students represented the Delaware Area Career Center at the national competition, the entire project was created by 19 students in the Career Graphics, Welding, and Automotive Collision programs, totaling 1,077 hours of work.

When asked what they were the most proud of, Kendall said, “There were times when I didn’t know if we would get this project done. It took everyone’s hard work, collaboration, dedication, and confidence to pull it off.” He went on to explain that even at the last minute, small issues were handled with creativity and teamwork.

As an example, he explained that after transporting the structure to Missouri, there was a chip in the paint, which would have cost them valuable points. To trouble shoot, they approached the Cosmetology competitors in an attempt to find a matching nail polish color. The team finally settled on attaching an applique that matched their overall design.

Their hard work paid off when they received 100% of the possible points in ‘finished workmanship.’

The actual display was not the only part that the judges scored. The team was also judged on a 5-7 minute memorized speech, their presentation skills, professional attire, submitted resumes, and a notebook they created to document the process of creating the display. Points could be deducted for details such as an undone button or a notebook that has too much or too little information.

Brooke and Kendall will return next year to defend their title. Tyler graduated with the class of 2014 and will not be eligible to join them.

Brooke is looking forward to working with a team again to come up with something new. “I’m so proud of how we worked together,” she explained. “Our task was to showcase teamwork, creativity, communication, organization, honesty, reliability, and dedication. We ended up using every one of those skills to create our display.”

She went on to explain that there was no bad idea among the group. Early sketches of the display included a pyramid, laser lights, and balloons. They learned what each person’s strengths were and worked together to highlight everyone’s talents.

Competing at the national competition with the Chapter Display team were the team of Duc Vu and Hunter Rupp, taking fourth place in Web Design, Tyson Yeager who took 12th place in Advertising Design and earned a $200 scholarship, Natalie Berg who took 20th place in Photography, and Paul Reeves who competed in Extemporaneous Speech. ach student took first place in their respective categories at the state level in May of 2014.

  • Brooke Mack was a sophomore in the Career Graphics program. Next year, she will be returning to DACC as a junior in the Power Sports and Diesel Technology Program. Her home school is Buckeye Valley.
  • Kendall Dorsey was a junior in the Automotive Collision program and his home school is Delaware Hayes.
  • Tyler Thomas was a senior in the Welding program and his home school is Delaware Hayes.
  • Hunter Rupp was a junior in the Digital Design program and his home school is Westerville South.
  • Duc Vu was a senior in the Digital Design program and his home school is Genoa Christian School.
  • Tyson Yeager was a junior in the Digital Design program and his home school is Delaware Hayes.
  • Natalie Berg was a senior in the Digital Design program and her home school is Worthington Kilbourne.
  • Paul Reeves was a senior in the Fire Service program and his home school is Delaware Hayes.