Catching up with our bloggers

January 27, 2011







Our bloggers have been busy! If you haven’t checked out their posts recently, here’s an idea of what’s been going on:

JessicaASenior projects are underway and Jessica A wants to show you what she and Jessica R have been up to in the IT Academy. Visit Jessica A’s most recent blog post to view Jessica and Jessica News, a news show created by who else but Jessica and Jessica.







Jessica R shares her plans for after high school. She took her chosen career path in the IT Academy for a test drive and found out that while she enjoys what she does in class, it’s not what she wants to do for a living. Some students come to DACC to get a head start on their career while others make that important decision early that what they thought they wanted to do may not really be the career for them. Luckily, Jessica found this out while she was in high school instead of waiting until she had invested a few years of college and a great deal of money. Read more about Jessica R's experience in her blog posts.


Mary KatherineMary Katherine is gearing up for the annual SkillsUSA competition and explains how much creativity is required to come up with new and interesting hairstyles for these competitions. Find out more about Mary Katherine's competition on her blog.






TaliaTalia participated in DACC’s Food Fight and Penny Wars to collect food and clothing donations for Delaware’s People In Need (PIN). Find out what Talia thought of making a difference in Delaware County by reading her blog.