BWHS's Tim Garwood places in top four in FFA State Proficiency Board

April 7, 2011

Big Walnut/DACC student, Tim Garwood, recently placed in the top four in the FFA State Proficiency Board. Tim is a sophomore in the Big Walnut/DACC FFA program and plans to attend DACC for Fire Service Training next year.

According to his Big Walnut instructor, Jeni Reely, his placement in the top four is a true accomplishment. “The others were a couple of juniors, but mostly seniors and graduates,” Reely said. “For Tim to excel at this level is a distinct honor. Typically you don’t see this as a sophomore.”

Tim is already preparing for his future by training as an Explorer with the Centerburg Fire Department, going out on runs and performing daily tasks. As Tim put it, “On fire runs we’re allowed to do outside stuff. We’re certified in CPR, so on medic runs we can check blood pressure, blood glucose levels and help with getting patients on a backboard - things that give us a lot of experience. Going out on runs, I see a lot of things most teenagers my age don’t see,” Garwood continued. “But because you see
these things happening and handle some of the situations our department faces, it makes you more mature.”

The full story was printed in the Sunbury News on April 7th.