BST&G Fire Department Donates Ladder Truck to DACC Students

May 3, 2013

After securing a fire assistance grant to purchase a new ladder truck, the Berkshire, Sunbury, Trenton Galena (BST&G) Joint Fire District had a decision to make. Legally, they could scrap the old truck, sell it on the condition that it not be used for fire purposes, or donate it to a fire training facility. The decision was an easy one BST&G Chief Wilson and with the approval of the Fire Board, the 100 foot Sutphen Aerial ladder truck was donated to the fire training program at the Delaware Area Career Center.








Chief Wilson was present for the donation. “Training is so important for our firefighters and since many of our guys graduated from the DACC program and participate in continued training here, this donation feels like an investment in our department.”

According to Chief Wilson, the ladder truck will bring a whole new dynamic to training provided by DACC. Known as a “rolling toolbox,” the ladder truck does more than just reach the tops of tall buildings. It holds its own water tank, generator, fans, tarps, and much more. In addition to saving lives, part of a firefighter’s job is to salvage the property and valuables, making the tools in the ladder truck essential pieces of equipment.

“We take a lot of pride in our trucks,” Chief Wilson explained. “We took it for a final drive and said our goodbyes, but we’re happy to be keeping the truck in the area and serving the community.”

As the newly donated truck was parked in the fire service garage for the first time, DACC students looked on with excitement. Instructors, Captain Dan Huffman and Bill Grubb, were quick to point out that this new equipment means new training, including climbing the 100 foot ladder wearing all of their heavy safety gear. Many of these students have grown up hearing stories about this ladder truck from family members who have fought fires with it, including fires at Bun’s Restaurant and the courthouse. No amount of hard labor could lower the level of excitement in the room.

“This truck is going to allow us to train in ways we’ve never been able to before,” explained Grubb. “We can practice aerial backboard operations, we can pull victims from rooftops or bridges, and we can prepare our students on the equipment they’ll be using out in the field. I can’t think of another school that has these capabilities.”

Fire Instructor, Captain Dan Huffman added, “The support that we receive from the Fire Departments of Delaware County is tremendous. It means a great deal that BST&G thinks highly enough of us to give us this truck. The DACC Fire Service Training program wants to thank Chief Wilson and the BST&G Fire Department for their continued support of our program.”