45 Students Were Inducted/Returned to the National Technical Honor Society

April 28, 2011

On April 28th, 45 DACC students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. These students worked hard this year to meet the eligibility requirements, which include, but are not limited to, having a semester average of A or A- for their career-technical lab, a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher, and no 9 weeks grade lower than a B in all academic classes with no semester exam grade below a “C.”

Tim Nolan spoke to the students and parents, stressing the importance of their decision to attend DACC and how their experiences at DACC should help them form their life plan in order to reach their goals.

See all of the photos from the National Technical Honor Society Ceremony.

National Technical Honor Society Inductees and Returnees, 2011:

Mary Katherine Clegg, Cosmetology – Westerville Central
Jeffery Glaze, Construction Technology – Westerville South
Jenna Jurden, Health Technology – Delaware Hayes
Larrisa Lambert    , Cosmetology – Olentangy Liberty
Kelsey Lewis , Early Childhood Education – Big Walnut
Taylor Ratliff, Information Technology Academy – Thomas Worthington
Jacob Semon, Information Technology Academy – Delaware Hayes
Scott Trainer, Automotive Technology – Big Walnut

New Inductees:
Jessica Allison, Information Technology Academy – Buckeye Valley
Sarah Bechtel, Teacher Academy – Worthington Kilbourne
Ariana Brown, Medical Office – Big Walnut
Holly Butts, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium School – Buckeye Valley
Riley Campbell, Teacher Academy – Worthington Kilbourne
Jennifer Danko, Equine Science – Thomas Worthington
Tayler Elkins, Teacher Academy – Delaware Hayes
Caitlin Green, Teacher Academy – Delaware Hayes
Aubrey Hallam, Pre-Professional Internship – Olentangy High School
Mollie Jeck, Teacher Academy – Worthington Kilbourne
Joshua Jones Lovelien, Information Technology Academy – Buckeye Valley
Michaela Kinnison, Pre-Professional Internship
Audrey Leach, Teacher Academy – Worthington Kilbourne
Lauren Miles, Cosmetology – Delaware Hayes
Kailee Reed, Cosmetology – Worthington Kilbourne
Elizabeth Ries, Electronics – Westerville South
Kevin Schwartz, Information Technology Academy – Buckeye Valley
Jennifer Vail, Teacher Academy – Thomas Worthington
Mackenzie Yoke, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium School – Westerville North
New Inductees
Alissa Barwinski    , Columbus Zoo and Aquarium School – Dublin Scioto
Alicia Brush, Cosmetology – Big Walnut
Joseph Cumbow, Hospitality – Westerville Central
Katherine Durr, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium School – Big Walnut
Jeremy Glick, Law Enforcement – Delaware Christian
Stephanie Graham, Law Enforcement – Buckeye Valley
Justine Hamel, Dental Assisting – Delaware Hayes
Jessica Hatie, Law Enforcement – Olentangy Liberty
Tara Holeman, Electronics – Olentangy Liberty
Alexander Jokerst, Information Technology Academy – Westerville Central
Ethan Rhodus, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium School – Dublin Coffman
Graham Rossi, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium School – Dublin Jerome
Anne Sabol, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium School – Marysville
Ryan Schleve, Automotive Technology – Westerville North
Chad Silverthone, Fire Service Training - ECOT
Victoria Simons, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium School – Worthington Kilbourne
Alexis Thong, Cosmetology – Olentangy Liberty
Roky Vathananonh, Law Enforcement – Olentangy High School