30 BPA Students Going on to Compete at State Level

February 7, 2012

Congratulations to all of our students who competed at the Business Professionals of America Competition on January 28th. We have 30 students going on to compete at the state level.  It was a great year!




Our competitors were:
(Bolded names are going on to compete at the state competition)
BPA Juniors Going on to State Competition
Keyboarding Production
2 Taylor Kirby  (Olentangy) DACC Medical Office
3 Tyler Mulei  (Westerville Central) DACC Pre-Professional Internship

Fundamental Word Processing Skills
1 Jonnie Akers  (Buckeye Valley) DACC Medical Office
2 Tasha Thomas (Hayes) DACC Medical Office

Computer Network Technology
1 Alex Jokerst (Westerville Central) DACC IT Networking
2 Alex Hawk  (Westerville Central) DACC IT Networking
BPA Seniors Going on to State Competition
PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
1 Justin Cole (Olentangy Orange) DACC IT Networking
2 Austin Hale (Westerville Central) DACC IT Networking

Computer Animation Team
1 Anthony Fogle (Westerville South), Michael Ray (Buckeye Valley)  DACC IT Media

Video Production Team
1 Alex Diamond (Olentangy), Sydney Granger (Thomas Worthington), Morgan Jolliff (Buckeye Valley), Natori King (Olentangy) DACC IT Media
2 Bre Floyd (Hayes), Chris Greenbaum (Olentangy Liberty) , Kendyl Harrison (Olentangy), Riley Thompson (Hayes)  DACC IT Media

Web Site Design Team
1 Coral Dannat (Big Walnut), Morgan Shea (Buckeye Valley), Moriah Howard (Hayes), Kyle Huddleston (Olentangy Orange)  DACC IT Media
2 Shawn Wallace (Hayes), Ayanna Williams (Thomas Worthington) DACC IT Media

1 Kevin McMains  (Big Walnut) DACC Pre-Professional Internship

Small Business Management Team
1 Dylan Bivens (Full Day), John Peters (Hayes), Jacob Schwaigert (Hayes)   DACC IT Networking

Graphic Design Promotion
1 Hannah Clegg (Full Day)  DACC IT Media
2 Josh Suiter  (Hayes) DACC IT Media
3 Nick Roberts (Olentangy)  DACC IT Media