Cybersecurity for Home and Family

Most families own a variety of internet connected devices including desktop workstations, notebooks, Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets and other devices. Most homes now have wireless networks to connect all of these devices.  The Internet of Things has now added many household devices to this list.  It is always exciting when we get a new device and figure out how to use it.  Seldom do we think about the security vulnerabilities with that device.  This (6) hour course will take a detailed look at cybercrime and outline techniques for securing our home networks and using the internet safely.  Two age groups that are especially vulnerable to cybercrime are children and senior citizens. Our children spend hours online every day and are targets for criminals and child molesters hiding behind a computer screen.  We will cover strategies to keep our children safe online as well as danger signs that parents should be alert for.  We will discuss scams targeting senior citizens and things that they can do to stay safe. 

Join us to learn about the following:

  • Cyber criminals and the hacking/scam cycle
  • Current Scams and Threats
  • Protecting your personal information
  • Securing your computer and mobile devices
  • Locking down your wireless network
  • How to back up your information, data and photos
  • Protecting yourself on social media and Facebook
  • Conducting online financial transactions
  • Safely disposing of physical data
  • Cybersecurity concerns while traveling
  • Protecting our children online
  • Protecting our senior family members online
  • What to do if you have a security breach

This course is available at the DACC Campus, 4565 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH 43015 on selected dates.  It is also available off-campus on a contract basis for community groups.  Please click HERE to see our class offerings and registration information.

Cost is $79.00 – due at time of registration

For more information please contact the instructor, Wayne Strunk at or the Adult Education Office at 740-201-3222.