Mission, Vision & Values

The DACC Vision and Mission statements were created with the help of dedicated community members. As we continuously improve and progress, every step is held to the standards of these statements.


DACC Vision

The Delaware Area Career Center is the resource for multi-generational career enrichment and educational opportunities.

DACC Mission

The Delaware Area Career Center, in partnership with community, is an innovative model for developing lifelong learners, quality leaders, and critical thinkers for the dynamic and global environment.

DACC Core Values

We value:

  • Assisting students and workers with transition into the workplace
  • Relationship, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Quality recruitment and hiring processes
  • A highly qualified staff
  • Opportunities to be responsive to our communities' expressed needs
  • Relevant courses that prepare graduates to meet workforce needs
  • Good work ethic, professional, and the opportunity to model both
  • Open, honest and clear communication
  • Our ability to be good stewards of taxpayers' money
  • A safe and nurturing environment for students
  • Diversity both in student population and in courses offered
  • The acquisition, use, and maintenance of the most current technology