Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Board of Education meets on a regular basis and provides a summary of their meeting. The public is welcome to attend these meetings.

The agendas and minutes from each board meeting are provided as a downloadable PDF here. Minutes from past years are archived in the menu to the left. These meeting minutes are categorized by the year in which the meeting took place.

2019 Board Meeting Dates
Unless otherwise noted, all Board of Education meetings are held at 6:30pm in the South Campus Conference Room.

Tuesday, January 15th | 6:30pm | Organizational Meeting
Thursday, January 15th | Regular Meeting
Thursday, February 21st | 6:30pm | Board Meeting
Thursday, March 21st | 6:30pm | Board Meeting
Thursday, April 18th | 6:30pm | Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 22nd | 6:30pm | Board Meeting
Monday, June 24th | 8:00am | Board Meeting
Wednesday, July 31st | 6:30pm | Board Meeting
Wednesday, August 21st | 6:30pm | Board Meeting
Thursday, September 19th | 6:30pm | Board Meeting
Thursday, October 17th | 6:30pm | Board Meeting
Thursday, November 21st | 6:30pm | Board Meeting
Wednesday, December 11th | 7:00pm | Board Meeting



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