Wildlife and Resource Management

As new environmental issues continuously emerge, you can become a leader of change and innovation.

Through exploration, research and discovery, you will investigate and apply alternative energy solutions in this program. A mix of creative and scientific research will be critical to proposing new solutions to ever-changing global needs.  This 2-year program will open up a world of possibilities for your future.

Paul Grimes
4565 Columbus Pike | Delaware, OH 43015

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Class Location & Grade

Location: Camp Lazarus

Grade Level: Juniors and Seniors

Class Fees

2018/2019 Fees:
Wildlife and Resource Management I: $147.00
Wildlife and Resource Management II: $103.00

See breakdowns for individual fee costs, including additional fees not covered in the cost listed above:

Wildlife and Resource Management I
Wildlife and Resource Management II

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Curriculum Highlights
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Issues and Laws
  • Forestry and Forestry Management
  • Animal Handling and Care
  • Biotic and Abiotic Monitoring Procedures
  • Aquatic Science
  • Global Sustainability
  • Alternative Energies
  • Participate in an individually designed and researched final project
  • Earn college credits through the University of Findlay AP Environmental Science credit
  • Professional internship opportunities
  • Learn through hands-on experiences outside in the local environment
Additional Benefits
  • You will be involved in real-world applications of science at our land lab
  • Complete pond and stream studies
  • The creative and authentic projects that you will participate in can help shape your interests to help you make informed decisions for your post-secondary education
  • You will design and execute a comprehensive research project that you can use in your portfolio and post-secondary admissions
  • Compete for scholarships at the Envirothon Competition, FFA, and Science Fair
  • Participate in a marine biology field trip to the Florida Keys
  • Once you are a senior, you will the opportunity for an internship in your field
  • The class participates in green initiatives and keep a "Zero Waste Classroom."
Organization, Affiliation, or CTSO
  • FFA
  • Ohio Envirothon
  • National Oceanic Bowl
College Connections
  • University of Findlay
  • Hocking Technical College
Industry Credentials Available
  • Multiple credentials available, based on individual preference and ability
  • Water testing certified through Ohio EPA
Technology Integration
  • Solar and wind generation
  • Bio fuel creation
Green Initiatives
  • Students attend Invasive Species Council Meeting
  • Minimum of 75 community service hours involving environment related issues
  • Zero waste classroom
  • Designing and implementing a sustainable home
Career Focus

You will be prepared for further education in conservation, environmental science, or other science related fields for students continuing to a four-year college program. Eventually, you will be tomorrow’s Environmental Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Forestry Technicians, Conservation Scientists, Inspector/Compliance Officers, Park Naturalists and Biologists.


 “I like this class because it’s hands-on and there is a lot of mutual respect between our teacher and all of the students. We’re all here because we’re genuinely interested in the same topic, so we’re motivated and we motivate each other.”
-Carleigh Kennedy