BioScience is in the news almost every day! It encompasses the medical and dental fields. It is a part of feeding our world and taking care of pets and livestock.

Problems related to the environment and solving crimes are also part of the BioScience field. If you love to learn by doing, this lab-based program will expose you to all of these fields. 

Gina Lantz
4565 Columbus Pike | Delaware, OH 43015

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    Class Location & Grade

    Location: South Campus

    Grade Level: Juniors and Seniors

    Class Fees

    2017/2018 Fees::
    Bioscience I - $189.00
    Bioscience II - $269.00

    See breakdowns for individual fee costs, including additional fees not covered in the cost listed above:

    Bioscience I
    Bioscience II

    This program is participating in the One to One Experience. A one-time fee of $182.50 to purchase a Chromebook will be waived if you are a returning student who has already participated in the One to One Experience or if you are bringing your own technology. Learn more about the One to One Experience. 

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    Curriculum Highlights

    This 2-year program emphasizes lab skills usually only practiced in college or out in the field. These include micropipetting, cell culturing of bacteria, making serial dilutions, understanding and performing tasks utilizing aseptic technique, PCR and gel electrophoresis, and spectrophotometry. Students will learn these skills as they explore the world of anatomy/physiology and advanced biology (BioScience). 


    • Demonstrate Scientific Method Conduct Experiments
    • Laboratory Safety and Maintenance Instrument Analysis
    • Chemical Materials Handling and Sampling
    • Physical Properties Management
    • BioHazard Storage, Handling, and Disposal
    • Basic Microbiology 
    • Biochemical Technology
    • Molecular Biology Technology
    • Cell Culturing Protein Bioseparation Methods
    • Fermentation Technology
    • Microbiology for BioTechnology
    • Bioethics
    • Introduction to Industry
    • Technical Writing and Documentation 


    High School Credits Available

    BioScience I:
    Chemistry (1 credit)
    Elective (2 credits)

    BioScience II:
    Advanced Biology (1 credit)
    Elective (2 credits)


    College Credits Available

    Introduction to BioScience 1010 through accreditation with North Central State College

    Technology Integration
    • Lab equipment for scientific analysis
    • Microbiology techniques
    • Biochemistry techniques
    • Using technology to analyze, interpret, & report data
    • Microscopic observations
    Industry Experience
    • Creating a Scientific Resume
    • Creating Scientific Research Papers
    • Multiple Scientific Approaches
    Career Focus

    You will be prepared for further education in any science/laboratory field. Many students participating in this program have a focus degrees, such as:

    2 Year Degrees

    • Health Science Technician
    • Microbiology Technician
    • Medical Assistant
    • Quality Assurance Technician
    • Forensic Lab Technician
    • Health Care Assistant 

    4+ Year Degrees

    • Human/Animal Medicine
    • Genetics
    • Biologist
    • Pathologist
    • Microbiologist
    • Molecular Biologist


    Career Outlook

    As of 2015, over 5 million Ohio residents were employed in the BioScience field. There has been a 14% increase in the number of BioScience Companies here in Ohio*. The average income for those who are employed in the BioScience field is $66,341.

    “In 2014, the Research and Development subsector employed the most workers (16,469), which accounted for 24% of Ohio’s total BioScience employment. Next in line was Medical Product Distribution with 15,201 (22%) and Medical and Testing Laboratories with 13,239 (19%). The Research and Development subsector had the largest payroll ($1.4 billion) while the largest average wage was paid by  rms in
    Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutics ($93,654). Despite having the smallest average wage ($50,448), the Medical and Testing Laboratories subsector still exceeds the statewide average.**”

    *BioOhio, “Ohio BioScience Growth Report” 2015.
    **BioOhio, “Ohio BioScience Growth Report” 2015. Health Care Positions were not part of the BioOhio report.