Equine Science

Work directly with Standardbred harness horses at the Delaware County Fairgrounds where you will learn from industry professionals.

While working with Standardbred horses, students apply principles of a comprehensive equine production.

This program will give you the opportunity to work at the Delaware County
Fairgrounds, working with experienced professionals in the daily care, health, and training of horses.

Jennifer Kessler
(740) 362.6465
Delaware County Fairgrounds

236 Pennsylvania Ave, Delaware, OH 43015

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Class Location & Grade

Location: Delaware County Fairgrounds
Grade Level: Juniors and Seniors

Class Fees

2018/2019 Fees:
Equine Science I: $122.00
Equine Science II: $116.00

See breakdowns for individual fee costs, including additional fees not covered in the cost listed above:

Equine Science I
Equine Science II

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Curriculum Highlights

Gain real life experience working on:

  • Business Management
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Health and Diseases
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Animal Reproduction and Genetics
  • Equine Selection and Evaluation
  • Legal and Ethical Issues of the Horse Industry
  • Equine Care and Grooming
  • Harness Horse Breaking and Training
  • Farrier Practices
  • Facility Design & Construction
  • Animal Behavior and Psychology
  • Veterinary Science
Additional Benefits
  • Attend field trips to industry facilities (Scioto Downs and Ohio State Veterinary Clinic)
  • Visit colleges and universities with program related majors
  • Compete in equine management and veterinary science competitions
  • Participate in FFA leadership opportunities
  • Participate in an industry internship
  • Meet and network with industry professionals
Organization, Affiliation, or CTSO


Career Focus

You will be prepared for licensure, further education, or immediate employment as a stable manager, assistant trainer, track or show groom, farrier apprentice, breeding technician, veterinary assistant, or as a sales representative.