Columbus Zoo & Aquarium School

If you're an independent, outstanding student with a strong interest in zoo-related careers and research, then we welcome you to explore this unique career pathway.

The Zoo & Aquarium school curriculum is zoology driven, rich in technology, research-focused and application based. This program is designed to give you greater insight and understanding of the demands and excitement of science in ways not always possible in a traditional science classroom.

This course weaves zoology, statistics, research design, technical paper development, technology and your love of the animal kingdom together in a very special environment. You will have the opportunity to work with Columbus Zoo professionals, learn from their experience and assist in Columbus Zoo research projects. Through dual enrollment, you can also earn college credits in Statistics and Chemistry.

Emily Cunningham
(614) 724.3608
1610 State Route 521 | Delaware, OH 43015
Students applying for this program must also submit a Columbus Zoo and Aquarium School application found on application page or available upon request.

For general questions about DACC or to schedule a tour, contact Administrative Assistant to the Enrollment Coordinator, Marsha Link at (740) 201-3216 or


Class Location & Grade

Location: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Grade Level: Juniors and Seniors

Class Fees

2017/2018 Fees:
Zoo School 1: $280.50
Zoo School 2: $267.50

See breakdowns for individual fee costs, including additional fees not covered in the cost listed above:

Zoo School 1
Zoo School 2

This program is participating in the One to One Experience. A one-time fee of $182.50 to purchase a Chromebook will be waived if you are a returning student who has already participated in the One to One Experience or if you are bringing your own technology. Learn more about the One to One Experience. 

Fees can be paid using You can create your account and pay your fees beginning August 10th.

Curriculum Highlights

Zoo 1 Program * Mon. - Fri. * 12:30 - 3:00 p.m. 

  • Zoology- Survey of Animal Kingdom
  • Research methods and designs
  • Authentic research paper development
  • Statistics (dual college credit option available)
  • Zoo safety and protocol
  • Conservation issues and strategies
  • Multi-media projects

Zoo 2 Program * Mon. - Fri. * 7:30 - 10:00 a.m.

  • Zoology-comparing form & function
  • Zoo safety/protocol
  • Career exploration
  • Animal husbandry
  • Living systems
  • Special science topics explored
  • Chemistry (dual credit option available)

Prerequisites for Zoo 1

  • Biology
  • Algebra
  • Computer skills
  • Zoo Research School readiness exam
  • Zoo Research School application
  • Excellent attendance
  • Strong language arts skills
  • DACC application

Prerequisites for Zoo 2

  • Successful completion of Zoo I classes with a minimum grade of B-
  • Algebra II or above
  • Excellent Zoo 1 attendance
  • Excellent high school attendance
Additional Benefits
  • Connection with the University of Findlay
  • Earn up to 7 semester credits
  • Business Partnership with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
  • Green Initiatives including full recycling of all paper and plastic
Essential Student Qualities
  • Well-developed time management skills
  • Self-directed learner
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Strong desire to produce high quality work
  • Interest in science
  • Natural curiosity
College Connections

University of Findlay

Earn up to 7 credits

Technology Integration
  • Laptops for student and instructor use
  • Digital still shot cameras
  • Video cameras
  • Sound meter, light meter and microscope for research purposes
  • Smartboard
  • Response clickers
  • Graphic calculators with TI Presenter
Business Partnerships

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Green Initiatives
  • Full recycling of all paper and plastic
  • Use of biodegradable, plant-based material when available
  • Duplex printing to preserve paper
  • No plastic water bottles allowed
Career Focus

Career Field Opportunities:

  • Animal Behavior
  • Conservation
  • Ecology Education
  • Field Research
  • Genetics
  • Marine Biology
  • Multimedia Production
  • Veterinary Science
  • Zoology
  • Human/Animal Medicine

 “I loved the opportunity that Zoo School provided by allowing me to learn zoology in a setting where it was hands on and I could personally go and visit different animal exhibits to further my understanding. The zoology, statistics, and research also helped me to fuel my interest in science and apply them in the real world.”
- Bekah Mack