Fire Instructor

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This course is designed for the Firefighter wanting his/her certification as a State of Ohio Fire Instructor.

This course provides the basic knowledge and skills to become a certified Fire Instructor, including how to instruct from a lesson plan and also adapt a lesson plan to deliver instruction effectively. We use lecture, delivery practice, and practice speeches and lesson demonstrations.

The training provided in this class shall consist of 60 hours of training and shall be taught in accordance with the objectives approved by the executive director.  The program hours shall be allocated as follows:

  1. Forty hours in instruction of adult students and basic teaching techniques;
  2. Eight hours in instruction specific to fire service training;
  3. Ten hours of supervised teaching in the presence of a certified instructor, approved by the chartered program offering the fire service instructor training program;
  4. The final two hours are credited toward the successful completion of the techniques examination approved by the executive director.

Entrance Requirements:

  1. Possess a current certificate as a firefighter;
  2. In the preceding 7 years, have at least five years experience as a certified firefighter;
  3. Pass an online knowledge and technique exam approved by the Ohio Department of Public Safety that demonstrates a level of knowledge in the fire service training.

Course Cost:
$415.00 + $85.00 (books) = $500.00
( Due first day of class )
This $500.00 includes tuition, books, required teaching hours, and technique exam.

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